OKM Pulse Nova
فلزیاب اورجینال

OKM Pulse Nova

OKM Pulse Nova

OKM Pulse Nova

The Pulse Nova can reach tremendous depths thanks to the applied pulse induction method. Pulse induction (PI) offers key advantages over other measurement techniques to enable these detection depths:

The search coil of the PI metal detector can be enlarged as desired. The larger the coil of the metal detector, the more search depth is possible

The working principle of the detector enables a particularly high transmission power, so that objects can be detected at greater depths

The deepest possible detection of metal objects in the ground always depends on factors such as the size and position of the objects and the nature of the ground. These factors apply in general, i.e. to all metal detectors:

The larger the object, the deeper the metal detector can detect it

The longer the object has been underground, the better it can be detected. (Halo effect)

The larger the coil of the metal detector, the deeper objects can be detected

Conductivity, shape and position of the object are decisive for the accuracy of detection

The soil composition and soil layers influence the measurement depth

In comparison to the passively measuring OKM ground scanners, the Pulse Nova pulse induction metal detector has a further advantage: it achieves unambiguous measured values even in heavily mineralized soils and can thus directly detect natural gold and jewelry made of precious metals


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